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What's this all about?


We are a supporters group for LGBTQ+ fans of Sunderland AFC and their friends and family. We are open to local, national and international members. Our goal is to promote equality, diversity and inclusion at the Stadium of Light and football in general both on and off the pitch.

How do you become a member?

Contact a member of the SAFC LGBTQ who can take some contact details so we can let you know when the next events/group meetings are. There are no conditions, we are open to everyone.

If you’re anxious/unsure about joining or what to expect we can always give you a call or chat via email, whichever method is easiest for you.

Who can be a member of SAFC LGBTQ?

Anyone who identifies at LGBTQ+ and their friends and family, granted they believe in the core values of the group.

What is the point of SAFC LGBTQ?

To encourage LGBTQ+ supporters of SAFC to attend games and make the Stadium of Light a safe and welcoming place for supporters regardless of sexuality or gender identity. It is also our mission to translate that onto the pitch, in the hopes of changing the culture of the game, which currently has an anomaly of no openly LGBTQ players in the men’s game. SAFC LGBTQ communicates directly with the club to encourage more initiatives around LGBTQ inclusion.

Are you assessible to disabled supporters?

As per our values and equal opportunities policy we make events accessible for disabled people. If you are a disabled supporter, please speak to our founder (Sam Willey) who will be happy to put your mind at ease.

What kind of events will SAFC LGBTQ hold?

  • General meetings to discuss the running of the group

  • Group attendance to home and away games (when possible)

  • Attending Pride events

  • Cinema trips and other socials such as cinema, bowling etc.

  • Meetings with Sunderland Football Club